Feel like you’re stuck in an entrepreneurial rut?

These 3 Obstacles Are Holding You Back From Explosive Business Growth

From The Desk of Rich Schefren:

I have a confession to make…

My first online business failed. Miserably. 

(Even with two multi-million dollar businesses under my belt before I was 30 years old)

You see, I got seduced into the concept of the internet lifestyle – the dream of checking my laptop from the beach for an hour a day and somehow the profits would roll in. 

I tried lots of niches. Everybody I knew recommended different ones to start out with and different ways of doing each of them.

But this just made me more confused and more unsure about what to do next.

And when I tried to find a solution that would bring everything together for me and actually work, I ended up wasting more and more of my life in front of the computer; pulling all-nighters while I neglected my family, my health, and pretty much everything else.

My mind was racing 24/7 trying to answer:

How could I make this work? What was I doing wrong?

That’s when I discovered that there were 3 obstacles holding me back.

And if you felt like I did – anxious and overwhelmed about what you should do to grow your business – I suspect they’re holding you back too.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just beginning, or you’ve been working online for years, no entrepreneur is immune to these three obstacles:

Obstacle #1: Lack of Direction

Without direction, you continue to spend time and energy on tasks you aren’t sure will make a difference to your bottom line. This leaves you feeling like you’re running around in circles with no clear end goal or way to measure success.

All this wasted time and energy could be actually to growing your business!

Plus, without a plan of action, you won’t be able to spot the right opportunities, use your resources efficiently, or build successful relationships with partners and customers. It’s like your business is stuck in the mud, unable to move forward and progress.

Obstacle #2: Lack of Support

Without support, you feel like constantly swimming upstream, trying to make progress alone. 

You second-guess yourself, preventing you from taking risks that could bring you rapid customers, sales, and growth.

And instead of discovering valuable insights and perspectives from peers and mentors that can help you make better decisions, this lack of support causes your energy and enthusiasm to drain away, sapping your motivation and keeping you from reaching your goals. 

…All causing you to get frustrated, overwhelmed, and sometimes even afraid of the path ahead.

Obstacle #3: Lack of Action

Not taking action leads to a vicious cycle of getting distracted by meaningless tasks while avoiding the important work that needs to be done.

You feel stuck, unable to make progress despite your best intentions. You become overwhelmed by the possibilities and all the things you need to do, but can’t seem to take the first step.

And as a result, your ideas remain just that: ideas. Nothing changes, your business remains stagnant, and your dreams of success fade away.

Are These 3 Obstacles Holding You Back Too?

That’s what happened to me for almost 2 years.

But then I discovered the secrets to overcoming those hurdles. I learned how to generate direction. I got support from trusted mentors. And they helped me take aggressive action. 

That’s when my sales started to skyrocket. 

I worked less hours.

And I generated incredible momentum that propelled my business (and income) forwards for years to come.

Now, I don’t want you to spend nearly two years feeling stuck and lonely like I did before making your big breakthrough. 

Instead, I’m going to get to the root of what’s holding you back and help you eliminate the obstacles to your success – at every inch of the way.

That’s what I want to share with you today…

Unlock Massive, Impactful, Financial Results with STEAL OUR WINNERS PRO 2.0 COACHING!

As a Steal Our Winners Member, get EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to LIVE Monthly coaching with Rich, LIVE expert feedback on your marketing assets, weekly office hours with Rich’s Executive team…and MORE!

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1x/ Monthly Roadmap (RX) Xcelerator Coaching Call + Q&A with Rich

Get Rich’s curated roadmap of SOW Strategies to use, in the order to use them - tailored uniquely for your business. Interactive w/ Q&A.

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1x/ Monthly Hot Seat Marketing Review + Q&A with Felicia Pagesh

Submit a funnel or marketing asset for expert feedback and live, interactive hot seat review – massive takeaways!

$9,600 VALUE

4x/ Monthly “Steal Our Winning Team” Weekly Office Hours

Meet with our executive team members to get your questions answered! Includes Tech CTO, Copywriting & Operations & Joint Venture Strategy

$48,000 VALUE

1x/ Monthly “First to Know, PRO” Insider

Get the “State of the Union” address from Rich + exclusive behind-the-scenes preview of upcoming Steal Our Winners Strategies


1x/ Monthly Private Client Playbook

High level business blueprint previously reserved ONLY for Rich’s private 500k-1mm+ coaching clients (generated Millions of Dollars in revenue!)




 Join Steal Our Winners Pro 2.0 for 1 Payment of $2,500 today & Claim Your Bonus Of...
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Got a burning question? Need a quick strategy pow-wow? Felicia has you covered. When you Pay In FULL for the Annual Plan, you’ll get one 30-minute laser coaching session per month!
(That’s a full 6 hours of 1:1 Business Coaching!)

What I’m About To Say Might Sound Harsh, But Hear Me Out…

With Steal Our Winners, you’ve got every tool in the toolbox available to you:

Cutting edge strategies, systems and processes for getting massive results…

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a member for two years or two weeks – if you’re leveraging even 10% of what’s inside, your business SHOULD be growing EXPONENTIALLY…

And if not, there are only a handful of reasons why that might be:

Does Any Of This Feel Familiar To You?

Despite knowing you have invaluable strategies at your disposal…

  • You just don’t know which steps to take and in what order to take them... and it leaves you feeling like you’re on a cross-country trip with no map –feeling uncertain about whether you are on the shortest path to success or not.., or
  • ​You hit a roadblock and you need some support or guidance in order to move past it –but sometimes it feels like there’s nowhere to turn for answers (and you don’t want to make another costly mistake)...or
  • ​You’re simply too busy or distracted to consume the content inside Steal Our Winners… or you’re consuming it, but not leveraging it in a way that makes a meaningful impact in your business…

Whatever obstacles have been keeping you from getting Massive impactful results…we’re going to change that, starting today. 

Introducing Steal Our Winners PRO 2.0

We designed this program with YOU in mind…

And we’re going to set you up with the support you need so that you can take action every step of the way…

So that you’re not just watching other successful people scale their businesses….you’re becoming ONE of them…

Component #1

Roadmap (R/X) Accelerator Monthly Call

First, we’re going to meet at the beginning of every month for a RoadMap Accelerator Coaching call

Think of it as a Curated Experience using Steal Our Winners Strategies, because the strategies will be tailored uniquely for your business, it’s like taking a shortcut that gets you from Point A to point B in the fastest, easiest way possible.

I’ll give you the roadmap, with the exact steps to follow and in the exact order to follow them

Component #2

Interactive Hot Seat Review

Hot seat reviews keep you from taking detours because you get the support you need when you need it, so that you continue to make consistent progress with execution.

They work like this: Each month, you’ll submit a funnel or marketing asset that you’re currently working on.

Maybe it’s a landing page, a lead magnet, email or page copy…any one component in your sales or marketing funnel that you’d love to get expert feedback on…

Then we’ll meet as a group and I’ll do a round table live review of your submissions.

There’s so much gold here because the entire group benefits from each other’s feedback.


Component #3

Private Client Playbook(s)

These high level business blueprints are what I use to coach my Private 1:1 clients who pay me tens of thousands of dollars.

These reports have generated MILLIONS of dollars in sales and revenue for my clients.

Component #4

First To Know PRO, Insider

Each month, I’ll give you an exclusive behind the scenes preview of what’s coming down the pipeline, so you can stay competitive and ahead of the online game. 

You’ll be able to identify new opportunities to grow and expand your business, and offer cutting edge solutions to customer problems.

Component #5

“Steal Our Winning Team": Weekly Office Hours

One of the first ways you’ll naturally experience our commitment to you is each and every week our team will make themselves available to answer any questions you have and help you get clarity on what you’re working on.

You'll get access to four group coaching calls per month with the members of the Strategic Profits executive team.

So, if you need help executing any of the strategies in Steal Our Winners, we'll walk you through them and make sure you deliver great results for your client.

Here's who you'll hear from on these group coaching calls...

Rich Schefren 

Rich invented the whole concept of online business coaching.

He's coached marketing legends like Ryan Deiss, Russell Brunson, Mike Filsaime, Todd Brown, Alex Jeffries, and thousands of others.

He typically charges $3,000 per hour for private consulting.

But if you attend his group coaching calls, you'll be able to pick his brain once a month for way, way less than what he typically charges a private client.

Matt Rizvi
Copy Chief
Managing Partner
Strategic Profits

Matt Rizvi has coached dozens of copywriters over his career.

So if you're a copywriter, you'll want to take full advantage of this.

Anytime you get a new copywriting project and you need help on a headline and lead before you turn it in to your client, make sure you get on a coaching call with Matt first.

He'll work with you to ensure everything you deliver is up to his standard. Which is pretty darn high.

Teddy Garcia
Chief Technical Officer
 Strategic Profits

Teddy is the expert when it comes to the technical and tracking side of building funnels.

He knows all the platforms out there. He is a ClickFunnels expert.

He knows Infusionsoft back and forth. And he's a total "wiz" at many other platforms.

So if you're building a funnel for a client, and you need some technical help to make sure that it's all working correctly before you deliver it, get on the call with Teddy.

Michelle Mattison
JV/Partnership Manager 
Strategic Profits

An an affiliate marketing rockstar, who every week talks with over a dozen decision makers at the top direct-response companies (the kind that hire tons of copywriters).

In fact, you can debate who is more connected, Rich or even Michelle Mattison. Which means, shes your ultimate resource when you need help finding new clients through networking.

But she’s more than just super connected... she helps craft the email campaigns that are affiliates use when promoting steal our winners. So when you need help with reviewing your offer to make sure it appeals to affiliates, talk to Michelle.

Fast Action Bonus: For 1 Payment Of $2,500

Get $2,550 worth of 1:1 business consulting

The first 20 people who sign up with the annual plan will get access to Felicia’s (Our Director of Consulting) personal calendar to schedule one 30-minute laser coaching session per month.

Felicia’s clients pay her $425 an hour for consulting…

If you do the math, 30 minutes per month for 12 month is a full 6 hours of 1:1 business consulting

At her hourly rate, that’s $2,550 – but you’ll get that included with everything else in SOW pro when you enroll TODAY in the annual plan.

A Word From Felicia:

“I’m really good at quickly getting to the root of the challenge and finding a solution.

So if and when those moments arise for you… you can schedule one of those 30-minute laser coaching sessions with me - once a month - and we’ll get you back on track. 

That means if you’ve got a question about starting your business I’ll answer it.

If you’ve got a marketing or business challenge, I’ll solve it. If you’re stumped on something I’ll clarify it. If you get stuck anywhere, I’ll get you unstuck. If you run out of ideas, we’ll brainstorm together – and if you’ve got a problem, I’ll do my very best to make it go away."

Felicia Pagesh
Funnel and Launch Consultant
Director of Coaching for Steal Our Winners Pro

What Others Are Saying About Steal Our Winners Strategies

Donnie French 
Copy Chief/Partner
Performance Golf

"Make Yourself Indispensable"

"Every time I use one of these strategies, it blows my mind. I've used two strategies from Steal Our Winners that have single-handedly made myself indispensable within a company that I've now become a partner in. You're going to find a strategy in there that works for you. And you're going to be able to take those strategies to your clients and make yourself indispensable. And that's the goal if you're a freelancer."

Jack Wade
Freelance Copywriter

"Steal Our Winners is my secret weapon"

“Without a doubt, Steal Our Winners has been the biggest breakthrough for my freelance copywriting and marketing business. As a result of applying all the tactics I’ve learned, I made $10k-$20k per month over the past year. I work about 25 hours per week. And I never have to worry about the “feast or famine” cycle of freelancing ever again..”

* Testimonials highlight extraordinary outcomes and do not reflect the average experience.
** Claims are assumed to be accurate but are not verified in any way.

Here's Our Bulletproof Guarantee

Try Risk-Free For 30 Days

If you're "on the fence" and want to see the available jobs plus everything else included in this offer risk-free, no worries! You've got a full 30 days to check out everything included with Steal Our Winners: Professional membership. And if you're unsatisfied for any reason, just let us know within 30 days of signing up and we'll refund every penny. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in Steal Our Winners: Professional? As a member of Steal Our Winners: Professional, you get access to the Client Referral Service where you can apply for positions and submit proposals, unlimited credits that you can use to unlock any Steal Our Winners episode, and weekly coaching calls with Rich Schefren and the Strategic Profits executive team.

What payment options are there? You can join Steal Our Winners: Professional with one payment of $2,997 or 6 payments of $547.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.  

Are the jobs mostly copywriting focused? While there are plenty of opportunities for copywriters and content writers, you'll also find projects related to social media, ads management, business development, and much more. Any episode in Steal Our Winners may be requested as a project!

Is this a coaching program? Will I get to work with Rich directly? Steal Our Winners: Professional includes 4 coaching calls a month.  These are client-led calls so you bring your questions and challenges for us to support you with.  We know you don't need yet more information and endless training.  You need help with exactly what you're focused on next to grow your business and deliver for clients.  One call a month will be personally hosted by Rich!  The other three are hosted by Matt Rizvi, Teddy Garcia, and Michelle Shaeffer.

Is this a fit for me if I'm brand new to freelancing? Imagine being able to find potential clients without endless hours of marketing... and having the exact action steps for a strategy already laid out for you!  Proposals are easier to create since you've already got a specific list of deliverables, and clients are far clearer on exactly what they're looking for.  You'll also get access to proposal templates and other resources to save you time and help you succeed faster.  If that sounds good, then yes, this is for you!

What if I've already got an established business with clients? Congratulations!  Ready for an easier way to find great clients and the exact type of projects you love?  With an established business your profile will look amazing as a Steal Our Winners: Professional member, and you can charge higher prices while completing projects faster by leveraging the proven strategies inside Steal Our Winners.

Can you guarantee I’ll get jobs as soon as I sign up? As soon as you’re signed up, you’ll be able to send a proposal/application for any of the projects listed on the job board, including the positions Strategic Profits is hiring for. We can’t guarantee what might be a good fit for you, since that’s up to the company posting the jobs to review proposals/applications and make the hiring decisions. But you can certainly send in your proposals/applications right away!

Are the job opportunities I'll find in Steal Our Winners: Professional only in-house?  Quite the contrary! The vast majority of job opportunities you'll find through the Steal Our Winners: Professional Client Referral Service are for remote work for freelancers. So you can be literally anywhere in the world with an internet connection and take full advantage of this service.

What if I already have a Steal Our Winners Lifetime membership? How much will it cost to join Steal Our Winners: Professional?  If you're a Steal Our Winners Lifetime member, you can get in on Steal Our Winners: Professional for $1,000 off. So instead of paying $2,997, you'll pay only $1,997. And remember, through this special offer, that will give you two years of membership for the price of one.

I bought Steal Our Winners Lifetime in December 2021. Do I still get 6 free months of Steal Our Winners: Professional as promised? Absolutely! Everyone who got in on the Steal Our Winners Lifetime offer last December is entitled to six free months of Steal Our Winners: Professional. What's more, if you get in on this offer before the countdown hits zero, you can add two more years of Steal Our Winners: Professional to your six free months of membership. NOTE: If you wait six more months to renew your Steal Our Winners: Professional membership, it will almost certainly cost you a whole lot more. Now's the time to get in, lock in the best price, and save.

Is there a discount for "old-school" Business Growth System members?  Unfortunately, no. That's a separate product. But you can still take advantage of this special offer today. And remember, you'll get two years of membership for the price of one when you get in on this offer before the countdown timer hits zero.

How does Steal Our Winners: Professional connect with Iggi? Steal Our Winners: Professional members can leverage Iggi's powerful algorithm to pinpoint the best strategies for helping clients. Then, members can use the client referral service to connect with potential clients that would benefit from these strategies.

Is Steal Our Winners: Professional valuable for beginners who don't have a client yet? Yes. We offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced strategies. This way, service providers of all levels can learn these strategies and offer them to clients. 

Is this an upgrade to my standard Steal Our Winners Membership? Is it included?  If you have a monthly plan, you won't need to keep that once you join Steal Our Winners: Professional. Once you join Steal Our Winners: Professional, you'll get unlimited credits, weekly coaching calls, access to our exclusive client referral service, and more.

I have an annual subscription to Steal Our Winners. When I sign up today, will my two years of Steal Our Winners: Professional membership get added on to that? Yes. And when those two years are up, you can either renew your membership in Steal Our Winners: Professional or revert to using the remaining months of your annual subscription. Please contact Customer Service at support@strategicprofits.com and let them know if you'd like to go from an annual subscription to Steal Our Winners: Professional membership and they'll ensure you're taken care of.

I have a Lifetime subscription to Steal Our Winners. What happens to my subscription when I join Steal Our Winners: Professional? Nothing.  You'll still maintain your Lifetime subscription and get access to every Steal Our Winners episode we publish. That's the promise we made to you. So rest assured, you'll never miss another Steal Our Winners episode. One thing, though. As a lifetime member, you can join Steal Our Winners: Professional at a $1,000 discount. 

Is there a payment plan for Lifetime Members? Yes, there is. You can make 4 payments of $547 instead of 6 payments (the last two payments will be canceled). Choose which payment option you want before you join.

Do you accept PayPal and PayPal credit? Yes, we do.

Here's Everything You Get When You Sign Up Today

...All For Just One Annual Payment Of $2,500 Or $299/Month

  • ​1x/Monthly Roadmap (RX) Xcelerator Coaching Call + Q&A with Rich 
    Get Rich’s curated roadmap of SOW Strategies to use, in the order to use them - tailored uniquely for your business. Interactive w/ Q&A. (worth $19,500)
  • ​1x/Monthly Hot Seat Marketing Review + Q&A Session with Felicia
    Submit a funnel or marketing asset for expert feedback and live, interactive hot seat review –massive takeaways! ($9,600 in value)
  • ​1x/Monthly Private Client Playbook
    High level business blueprint previously reserved ONLY for Rich’s private 500k-1mm+ coaching clients (generated Millions of Dollars in revenue!)
  • ​1x/Monthly “First to Know, PRO” Insider
    Get the “State of the Union” address from Rich + exclusive behind-the-scenes preview of upcoming Steal Our Winners Strategies
  • ​4x/Monthly “Steal Our Winning Team” Weekly Office Hours
    Meet with our executive team members to get your questions answered! Includes office hours w/ Tech CTO, Copywriting & Operations & Joint Venture Strategy (worth $48,000) 
    Got a burning question? Need a quick strategy pow wow? We’ve got you covered! Receive one 30-minute laser coaching session per month = 6 Full Hours of 1:1 Business Consulting!
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