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ATTENTION: Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, and Online Marketers

Join Rich Schefren’s First Ever Digital Mastermind With 30 Of The Top Marketers On The Planet…
WITHOUT Paying Outrageous Consulting Fees…

Hey Rich Schefren here,
And today I am coming to you with good news.

After hearing this... You might cancel your memberships to every mastermind and newsletter you’re subscribed to and save thousands of dollars…

Now I enjoy masterminds… I’m in a few myself.

But there’s a huge problem with most masterminds.

Most come with steep prices of $10,000, $20,000 even $100,000 per year AND you only get access to one person…

Well I’m here to change all of that today...

Today I’m giving you the opportunity to join the first ever Digital Mastermind with the best secrets and strategies of 30+ of the top marketers on the planet…

WITHOUT paying outrageous consulting fees.

But before I tell you how to join us today…

I want you to think about something.

What if I could provide you with one exclusive platform you could turn to for all your marketing advice…

What if you could have the very best experts in every field of online marketing share their best secrets and strategies working for them… EVERY month.

You see, just recently I was in Los Angeles with SEO Legend Neil Patel chatting about the state of internet marketing in 2020 and what platforms are the best to leverage in your business…
I had a lengthy brainstorming session with best-selling author James Altucher… Here’s a pic of us flying back to New York via helicopter…
And I was in Delray Beach, Florida with Funnel Master Russell Brunson sharing the latest conversion hacks and traffic secrets…
Now these are just some of the experts I can turn to when looking for advice.
But the problem is most of you don’t have access to these top marketing minds like I do.

And that’s why I put together this digital mastermind…

This way you can have monthly access to myself and these gurus’ best ideas and strategies…

For a fraction of the price it costs to mastermind with just ONE guru.

Now all this begs the question…

“How did I convince all these superstar marketers to contribute to this Mastermind?”
Well, most people don’t realize this, but...

I’ve Coached Or Consulted With Almost All Of
The Top Internet Marketers You See Today

I’m talking about experts like Ryan Deiss… Russell Brunson… Mike Filsaime… Todd Brown… and dozens more.
All of these guys went through my business coaching when they were first getting started.

And as a result, I’ve developed a reputation of being the “guru’s guru.”

You see, all these people came to me because I’ve made a fortune with both online and offline businesses.
  • At 23 I saved a failing clothing company in lower Manhattan that was losing a million and a half dollars a year and turned it into a 7-figure powerhouse in just 3 years…
  • ​I then started a chain of hypnosis centers from scratch and in the process grew that business from 0 to 8-figures in sales all before the age of 30…
  • ​Then eventually I decided to jump online in order to have more time and freedom in my life! Which is where I kick-started my multimillion dollar coaching business, Strategic Profits!
In fact, I achieved so much success that I decided to go into semi-retirement for about 5 years.
For a time, I was having fun traveling the world and relaxing at my homes in Manhattan, the Hamptons, and South Florida.

But recently, things changed…

A “tectonic shift” began in online marketing.

Many of my past clients began to come to me with questions on how to market online with all the new rules and regulations.

So I Decided To Give Up My Cushy Retirement…
And Organize A Coalition Of The World’s
Best Marketers… All To Help YOU

Look, I’m sure I don’t have to twist that knife too deep…
You already see that small businesses are getting destroyed left and right by big tech giants.

You’ve probably noticed how:
  • Ad accounts are regularly getting banned because of social media’s latest “ad policies.”
  • ​Search engines are robbing websites of their content and causing organic traffic to disappear.
  • ​And email providers are blacklisting businesses and preventing their emails from ever reaching customers.
Simply put…
The odds are now stacked against small online businesses.

Put More Bluntly, The Odds Are Stacked Against… YOU!

And now more than ever, you need to have access to the online business strategies and tactics that are working right now in 2020.…
WITHOUT spending tens of thousands of dollars on masterminds.

It’s why I came out of retirement and started this service

It’s why I’m reaching out to you today to join my brand-new Digital Mastermind — Steal Our Winners.

What Is Steal Our Winners?

Steal Our Winners is cutting-edge “Insider” marketing strategies delivered to your inbox every month…
In short… it’s the world’s easiest, most affordable way to learn the latest money-making secrets from the top marketers on the planet.

Every month you’ll hear me and my all-star roster of online experts share the very latest marketing tactics and strategies working in the game for us RIGHT NOW.

You’ll hear from…
Ryan Deiss
One of the world’s leading digital marketers; owner of Digital Marketer, inc., and host of the Traffic & Conversion Summit
Neil Patel
World renown blogger, NYT bestselling author, recognized as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by President Obama
Kevin Rogers
Founder of Copy Chief, Best-Selling Author, and recognized as one of the top copywriting coaches in the world responsible for $100+ million in sales
Todd Brown
Founder of MarketingFunnelAutomation, considered the foremost authority on engineering high-conversion customer acquisition
Katrina Ruth
Founder of the Katrina Ruth Show, believes you can have it all, and more, in business, with your body, with your whole freaking LIFE, and that you can start now
Mike Filsaime
I.M. legend and founder of GrooveKart who's been described as the “Michael Jordan of Internet Marketing”
James Van Elswyk
Founder of Purple Leads, marketing, media buying, and growth optimization expert who has driven millions in profit
Alex Jefferys
Has helped 100's of coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs, worldwide, unlock their highest self and scale their businesses online
Nick Shackelford
Led large teams and small in paid media, for brands like PepsiCo, Apple, Ministry of Supply and Diff Eyewear
Dennis Yu
BlitzMetrics CEO, internationally recognized FB Marketer who's spoken in 17 countries, including L2E, Gultaggen and Marketo Summit
Matt Wolfe
OG podcaster and internet marketer, who built a beautiful, and profitable podcasting empire, Evergreen Profits
Jeremy Blossom
Co-Founder of Strikepoint Media, a leading ad agency that drives revenue for businesses with aggressive growth initiatives
Eric Siu
CEO of the Single Grain. agency who has worked with companies like Amazon, Uber and Salesforce to help them acquire more customers
Felicia Pagesh
Sales automation/promo-partner goddess - pulled big numbers for Tracy, Ricotti, Filsaime, Morrissey and many more!
Evaldo Albuquerque
The "English as a second language" copysmith who created a system that turned him into the #1 copywriter on Earth responsible for over $100 million in sales over the past few years!
Anik Singal
Founder and CEO of Lurn Inc. Having trained over 300,000 Entrepreneurs all over the World – Anik is recognized as one of the World's top Entrepreneurship coaches
Anthony Morrison
CEO of Morrison Publishing, one of the internet's and television's most well-known internet marketing gurus
Kim Phillips
#1 Direct Response Social Media Marketer in the World. Fueled by faith, love, laughter & lots and lots (and lots) of coffee
Maxwell Finn
E-comm & FB marketing master who co-founded Quantum Media, with ‘Shark Tank’ sharks Kevin Harrington and Jeremy Adams
Charles Kirkland
Engineer turned affiliate marketer, plus award-winning ClickBank affiliate and web-famous CPA expert
Rob Kosberg
Founder of Best Seller Publishing, often recognized for his expertise in helping coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs publish, promote and profit from their own Best Selling books
Joe Fier
OG podcaster and internet marketer, who built a beautiful, and profitable podcasting empire, Evergreen Profits
Don Crowther
CEO at Breakthrough Consulting, Inc. Don’s specialty is helping people make money online, utilizing search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, and social networking
Perry Marshall
Perry founded the Evolution 2.0 Prize, staffed by judges from Harvard, Oxford and MIT. Endorsed by FORBES and INC Magazine, he aims to solve the #1 mystery in Artificial Intelligence
Caleb O’Dowd
Multi Channel Marketer, business owner and strategic consultant to direct marketing juggernauts across the globe
Ryan Levesque
Inc. 500 CEO of The ASK Method® Company, and the #1 national best-selling author of Ask.
And many others that will come on board in the future.
The goal of Steal Our Winners is simple…

To Give You Access To The World’s Top Marketing Minds
And Their Winning Business Strategies… EVERY MONTH

Every month, I will interview online business experts with a variety of skill sets, like:
Email Marketing… Search Engine Optimization… Copywriting… Media Buying… Affiliate Marketing… Offer Creation… Split Testing… Funnel Design… Automation… Lead Generation… And much, much more.

Then, inside every issue of Steal Our Winners, we’ll share these video interviews along with a detailed overview of each idea that reveals…
  • What SPECIFIC PROBLEM the Guru is solving in the marketplace…
  • The EXACT STRATEGY the Guru is sharing for you to steal and solve this problem…
  • ​A STEP-BY-STEP ACTION PLAN for execution and implementation…
  • ​What BENEFITS YOU CAN EXPECT to see by implementing the strategy…
  • ​And A RECENT CASE STUDY of the Guru implementing this strategy into his/her business…
In other words...
You will receive monthly insights into what’s working RIGHT NOW for the most successful direct-response marketers in the business.

That way you can implement these same strategies into YOUR business.

Just like best-selling author and creator of the ASK Method Ryan Levesque is…

“Guys, this format is freaking gold!! Literally 6 or 7 things we’re able to implement immediately. Can’t wait to contribute and can’t wait for the next issue!!” – Ryan Levesque

Plus, you’ll also get access to our easy-to-use membership site which allows you to search across our growing archive of business strategies.

What’s more…

Each issue will also give a brief rundown of the latest news affecting online businesses.

So if Facebook updates their ad policies… or Google changes their search algorithm… or the US government passes a new data privacy law…

We plan to cover it in Steal Our Winners.

What You Can Expect To See Every Month…

I believe in complete transparency.
So below are just a few examples of what you can expect to see from month to month…

What A Few Of Our Members Are Saying
About Steal Our Winners… …

This is simply amazing!!! By far the very best membership I've ever subscribed for. Thank you! – Matteo S.
Thanks Rich for some amazing content and grateful for this incredible offer. You can be sure we will be taking advantage of (stealing) the winners. – Chris B.
Rich is the man! This is honestly realy incredible. So grateful! – Cody M.
I'm so excited to move through these! Thank you SO much for doing this. – Kassandra K.
Rich...Thank you so much for ALL that you and this awesome group of top-level marketers have put together here in Strategic Profits subscription. – Vincent K.
Really excited about this subscription! Thanks for making it so affordable and open! – Timothy L.
I just can not overstate the gratitude I have for being told about you guys! It's so mind boggling to finally have tactics served with techniques! It's been excruciating to have a buffet of ideas and no techniques to serve hungry customers. Thank you Rich for pouring out your heart!! – Kristi L.
Thanks for the information great nuggets for sure – Derek R.
This was Badass...I'm off to start blogging at least with this new checklist. – James B.
This is gold!!! Going to implement this today. – Darren K.
Freaking awesome interview man. Really enjoyed this strategy. Gives me a lot of ideas about getting more engagement with this podcast I have going on too. – Kam J.
Thank you so much. Insane value inside here. – Alex J.
I have to say I was completely surprised and impressed with the quality of information given. Fantastic value for money. Thank you. – Victor L.

Become A Member To Steal Our Winners
For The Lowest Price We’ll EVER Offer

The fact is, most Mastermind services cost anywhere from $10,000 - $100,000 a year, even though they only offer advice from a single “guru.”
And that’s why I started this Digital Mastermind …

Because joining Steal Our Winners and gaining monthly access to myself and ALL of our contributor’s strategies won’t cost you $10,000.

When you subscribe today, you won’t pay anywhere close to that.

You won’t pay $1,000.

You won’t pay $500.

You won’t even pay $99.

Instead, you can lock-in a 1-year membership to Steal Our Winners right now for just $49.

That’s not $49 per month.

That’s $49 per year!

And it’s the lowest price I’m ever going to offer.

Now why on earth would I make this deal so great?


I want to start our relationship on the right foot and demonstrate REAL value.

My goal here is to overdeliver tenfold.

I want to blow you away with life-changing content each and every month.

That way, today will be just the beginning of a strong, prosperous business relationship between us for years to come.

Here’s Everything You Get Today…

Get 12 Months of Steal Our Winners… The Official 24-Hour Livestream Recordings…
And My 12 Month Marketing Blueprint for Just $49 Per Month Year
  • 12 Month Subscription To Steal Our Winners:This is the place where the biggest, most successful direct response marketers in the world share their most coveted business secrets EVERY SINGLE MONTH. Our goal with Steal Our Winners is to provide you with cutting edge “insider” marketing insights that will boost your conversions and add more money to your bottom line. ($49 Per Month Year)
  • The Private Conversion Club Facebook Group: Never feel alone in your marketing journey… Everyday subscribers will be able to discuss with each other the insights of insiders Rich Schefren, Peter Coyne, Matt Rizvi and Evaldo Albuquerque after they have shared a piece of wisdom they've learned through their experience in the upper echelons of the direct response universe. This type of networking community will allow you to make life-changing connections for you and your business!
  • Complete On-Demand Access To The 24-Hour Coalition To Save Internet Business: RecentlyI gathered 44+ of the world’s top marketers for 24 hours straight. I invited everyone in the industry you could think of… Special guests included Ryan Deiss, Russell Brunson, Mike Dillard, Todd Brown, Neil Patel, Dean Graziosi, Todd Herman, Katrina Ruth, Mike Filsaime, Jeff Walker, Molly Mahoney, Roland Frasier, and dozens more to share their most coveted secrets… (A $997 Value – Yours FREE)
  • ​My 12-Month Marketing Blueprint: My complete “swipe file” of every piece of marketing copy that’s responsible for taking my business to the top of the internet marketing world. This 314-page blueprint is crammed with every email, blog post, and sales letter I used to launch my Strategic Profits… (A $299 Value – Yours FREE)
TOTAL VALUE = $1,246

Yours Today for just one payment of $49!

And if that’s not a good enough deal…

Risk Nothing, Keep Everything.
Try It First, THEN Decide...

Even though this offer is only available for a limited-time, you don’t have to decide right now.

Instead, take the next 90 days to try the service and make up your mind.

That means you can sign up today…

Review every marketing secret and strategy inside your first 3 issues...

And if at any point during that time you decide that Steal Our Winners isn’t right for you, just contact our US-based customer service team, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Eastern time, Monday through Friday, and they'll issue you a full refund for your $49 payment.
It’s that easy.

PLUS, even if you decide to cancel, you can keep every bonus you receive today.

Which means there’s virtually ZERO risk to join.

Now with all that said, there is one BIG risk I want to remind you of...

Time Is Of The Essence

As I mentioned, this is a special offer that we’re extending to new members of Steal Our Winners.
In the near future, we’re planning to aggressively raise the price of the service.

Which means, you may never have the chance to join for just $49 per year again.

But there’s also a second -- much bigger reason to take action today.

You see, every day you wait to take action you could be missing out on extra thousands or tens of thousands of dollars…

Every day you wait, the stress will continue to mount higher and higher because you don’t know how to fix your business.

Every day you wait, is the day you can’t hire another employee to relieve you of duties you are currently stuck with.

In other words, …

Every day you wait to put yourself in this virtual mastermind…

Is a day you are losing out on potential profits and freedom.

And I, Rich Schefren, want to change that point in your life today.

That’s why, if you’re on the fence, here’s what I recommend:
  • Become a member through this limited-time offer…
  • ​Review Steal Our Winners over the next 90 days…
  • ​And if you’re unhappy for any reason, call our customer service team and we’ll give you a full refund of every penny you paid for the newsletter.
Sound fair?
If so, just fill out the secure order form to get started.

We’ll send you a confirmation email within minutes that contains all the details you need to access our membership site, along with the bonus materials you’ll get as a reader of Steal Our Winners.

But whatever you decide, don’t delay.

The future of your online business may depend on it.

To higher profits and beyond,

Rich Schefren
Founder, Steal Our Winners

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

QUESTION: Is Steal Our Winners $49 a month or $49 for the year?

ANSWER: Only $49 for the entire year!
This is the question that comes up the most.
Most likely because why on earth would I charge $49 per year for something that I could easily charge $99 a month for?
I am doing this because I want to make sure EVERYONE has access to the strategies tools and tactics that can help them grow their business while big tech is making it more and more difficult.
So I’m making our service available for one low price of $49.
That comes down to about $4 a month… 13 cents a day…
An unbelievable price -- that we can’t promise how long we’re gonna offer.
QUESTION: What types of strategies will be shared?

ANSWER: The good news is I’ve gathered experts from nearly every field of online marketing to contribute to this service…
That means if your looking for SEO strategies… Facebook tactics… CPA hacks… anything marketing under the sun you’ll find in Steal Our Winners.
Here’s just a sneak peak of some of the strategies and tactics you’ll be able to “steal” and implement into your business.
  • Charles Kirkland: How to Easily Target High-Value Leads for Dirt Cheap
  • Jeremy Blossom: Generate Super Qualified Leads While Cutting Your Costs up to 60%
  • John Lee Dumas: The High-Value Lead Magnet That Converts Like Crazy
  • Jordan Menard: Double Your Clicks with 2 Magic Words
  • Maxwell Finn: Scaling Facebook Ad Campaigns with Safe, Fast, and Easy Automations
  • Neil Patel: The 10-Step SEO Blueprint
  • Nick Shackelford: Create Instant Credibility For Brand-new Ecommerce Products
  • ​Rob Kosberg: The High-Converting Book Offer Funnel That Attracts Wealthy Buyers
  • Scott Oldford: How to Become a Trusted Internet Celebrity in 49 Days
  • Todd Brown: 1 Number That Reveals 3 Extra Profit Opportunities In Every Funnel
We’ve gathered the knowledge of the top experts in every field of online marketing…
To help you GROW your business.
And even if you don’t have your own business yet… You can implement these marketing strategies into the business you work for and really turn some heads or get that raise you’ve been fighting for.
QUESTION: I'm already very busy. Will this take up too much of my time?

ANSWER: The answer is No!
This is one of the best perks of our program.
You will get these strategies submitted to you digitally each month. And all of the interviews I complete with our expert team of gurus you will be able to replay online at your own convenience and speed.
Also, we will make audio recordings available so you can listen to them in the car, at the gym, whatever works best for you!
Plus, each strategy includes a brief summary so you can digest the most important ideas in seconds.
QUESTION: Will these experts really share their best stuff?

All of my contributors to Steal Our Winners have one goal in mind.
To provide so much great value to you so that you begin to know, like, and trust them!
And after, potentially want to pursue other content from them in the future to help you grow your business.
The whole basis of Steal Our Winners is to over deliver and give you the best experience possible.
QUESTION: Is it the same contributors every month?

Our first issue included…
  • Charles Kirkland
  • ​Jeremy Blossom
  • ​John Lee Dumas
  • ​Jordan Menard
  • ​Maxwell Finn
  • ​Neil Patel
  • ​Nick Shackelford
  • ​Rob Kosberg
  • ​Scott Oldford
  • ​Todd Brown
And our second issue included…
  • Perry Marshall
  • ​Joe Fier and Matt Wolfe
  • ​Kim Walsh Phillips
  • ​Felicia Pagesh
  • ​Brandon Ham
  • ​Don Crowther
  • ​Jake Johnson
  • ​Dennis Yu
  • ​Anthony Morrison
Each month we will have different guru’s contribute than the last, and throughout the year guru’s may appear multiple times!
QUESTION: Do I get the issues from the previous months?

ANSWER: To be fair to our members you will not get the issues included from previous months.
But what we will provide you with is access to our charter issue which includes segments from Neil Patel, Todd Brown, and John Lee Dumas.
QUESTION: What if I’m not thrilled with Steal Our Winners?

ANSWER: First, the sad truth is that most people aren't willing to do the work needed to get results.
But if you are someone who gets access to resources, studies them, and puts honest and consistent effort into putting new ideas into action, then this newsletter will likely move mountains for you!

But just to ensure you are taking no risk by joining us…

I am also offering my 100% money back guarantee: Give Steal Our Winners a test run for 90 days and if you don’t feel like you have been blown away by the content and strategies you’ve received… just ask for a refund and I'll gladly give you your money back!

Remember, you really have nothing to lose.

Look at it this way. If this doesn't work, you get all your money back.

BUT, what if it does? How much can you gain by attracting just a few more customers using our secrets? Or close a few more deals?

Implementing just one of these strategies could change your life forever.

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